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  • The bridge in the manga.
  • The bridge in the anime.

This unnamed bridge is located in the Land of Iron. It is built out of blue (grey in the anime) stones and features a large gate at one end, somewhat resembling a torii, emblazoned with the kanji for samurai (). On top of the gate is a large stone statue of a sheathed sword with weights hanging on both ends.

Tobi confronts Danzō Shimura on this bridge after the Five Kage Summit. He captures Danzō's escorts: Fū Yamanaka and Torune Aburame and then brings out Sasuke Uchiha to fight Danzō. The bridge receives only light damage during the battle and then, after Danzō's defeat, has much of its centre sealed by Danzō's Reverse Four Symbols Sealing.[1] Sasuke briefly fights with the members of Team Kakashi beneath the bridge shortly afterwards, but the bridge receives no further damage.


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