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Sakura and Ino
Chapter 054
(サクラといの, Sakura to Ino)
Chapter Info
Volume Sakura's Decision!!
Previous Sakura's Decision!!
Chapter 54
Next All-Out War…!!
Arc Chūnin Exam Arc
Anime Naruto #32
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
Sakura and Ino (サクラといの, Sakura to Ino) is chapter 54 of the Naruto manga.


Sakura, no longer concerned for her own safety, attacks Team Dosu. Although she makes dexterous usage of several basic ninjutsu, she is ultimately forced to resort to biting and other physical attacks. Seeing Sakura's determination, the nearby Ino thinks back to her childhood with Sakura; how the two used to be good friends. After Ino helped, Sakura gained some much-needed self-confidence, they parted ways so that their friendship would not interfere with a their competition as rival ninja and love-interests for Sasuke. Seeing that Sakura is beating her in both aspects, Ino forces her Team 10 to come to Sakura's rescue.

Facts about Sakura and InoRDF feed
ArcChūnin Exam Arc +
Chapter number54 +
English nameSakura and Ino +
Kanji nameサクラといの +
NamesSakura and Ino +, サクラといの + and Sakura to Ino +
PictureChapter 054 +
Romaji nameSakura to Ino +
Volume number6 +

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