Sakura Haruno

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  • Is Sakura or Karin Sarada's biological mother?

    3 messages
    • Chapter 700+10 makes it very clear that Sakura is the mother.
    • Sakura gave birth to Sarada. Karin pulled the baby out (hence, "helped deliver"). The thing that was used on the DNA test was Sarada and Sakur...
  • OPINION: Is Sakura Kage Level?

    61 messages
    • Considering that Jiraia, Nagato's mentor and a Sanin could not stop Nagato, it's clear that Tsunade walking in and fighting him would've b...
    • Riptide240 wrote: For the immediate question, Sakura exceeded Tsunade in power as soon as she finished her Strength of a Hundred Seal, wh...

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