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This is the article on chapter 53 of the manga. For volume 6, head to Sakura's Decision!!. For other uses, see Sakura's Decision!!.
"Sakura's Decision!!"
Chapter 53 Cover
(サクラの決意!!, Sakura no Ketsui!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #6 (#6)
Previous "The Conditions for Using!!"
Chapter Naruto #53
Next "Sakura and Ino"
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Anime Naruto #32
"Sakura's Decision!!" (サクラの決意!!, Sakura no Ketsui!!) is chapter 53 of the original Naruto manga.


Dosu's attacks disorient Lee, but he persists in trying to protect Sakura. When he is no longer able to stand he collapses, and Sakura tries to defend him along with Sasuke, and Naruto. Meanwhile, Team 10 watches the battle and contemplates intervening. They watch as Sakura is captured by Kin Tsuchi, who restrains her by grabbing her hair and taunts her for being more concerned with her appearance than her ninja skills. Knowing Kin is right and tired of always needing others' help, Sakura pulls out a kunai cuts her hair off to free herself, surprising the observing Ino and Kin.

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