Sakon's Secret

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"Sakon's Secret"
Chapter 203
(左近の秘密, Sakon no Himitsu)
Chapter Info
Volume Trouble…!! (#23)
Previous "Three Wishes!!"
Chapter Naruto #203
Next "Ukon's Ability"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #120
None in this Chapter
Attack of the Twin DemonsDemonic Flute: Illusionary Warriors Manipulating MelodyFang Wolf FangHuman Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed WolfMultiple Connected Feet
None in this Chapter
"Sakon's Secret" (左近の秘密, Sakon no Himitsu) is chapter 203 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto's shadow clones attack, but Kimimaro, preparing his kekkei genkai, is not concerned. Elsewhere, Sakon, with the help of his cursed seal, and Ukon overpower Kiba. Interested in ending the battle quickly, Ukon advances his cursed seal to its second level and forces Sakon to do the same. Akamaru knows they are outmatched so he convinces Kiba to perform a joint combination. Taking on the form of a double-headed wolf, Kiba and Akamaru attack the joined brothers with their new technique. Meanwhile, Shikamaru struggles to avoid the Doki's attacks, but is able to notice that Tayuya controls them with her Demonic Flute.

Facts about "Sakon's Secret"RDF feed
ArcSasuke Recovery Mission +
Chapter number203 +
English nameSakon's Secret +
Kanji name左近の秘密 +
MangaNaruto +
NamesSakon's Secret +, 左近の秘密 + and Sakon no Himitsu +
PictureChapter 203 +
Romaji nameSakon no Himitsu +
Volume number23 +

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