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Sai's Mission!!
Chapter 297
(サイの任務!!, Sai no Ninmu!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Top-Secret Mission…!!
Previous The Sad Conclusion
Chapter 297
Next The Top-Secret Mission…!!
Arc Sasuke and Sai Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #44
None in this Chapter
Ink Clone Technique
None in this Chapter
Sai's Mission!! (サイの任務!!, Sai no Ninmu!!) is chapter 297 of the Naruto manga.


With the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox suppressed, Sakura heals Naruto's injuries. She asks if it is is possible to learn Yamato's Wood Release, hoping to be more helpful to Naruto, but Yamato says it is not. Yamato adds that this doesn't matter given her feelings, but Naruto wakes up before he elaborates. Naruto asks how Sakura became injured and, seeing that Sai is gone, suggests it was him. Meanwhile, Orochimaru, surprised by Sai's claim that he speaks for Danzō, agrees to listen to him. He does, however, insist that Sai speak in person, destroying his ink clone. Sai reaches for his bag but is tackled by Kabuto, believing he is an enemy. Orochimaru finds what Sai was looking for and tells Kabuto to release Sai, as Sai will be coming with them.

Facts about Sai's Mission!!RDF feed
ArcSasuke and Sai Arc +
Chapter number297 +
English nameSai's Mission!! +
Kanji nameサイの任務!! +
NamesSai's Mission!! +, サイの任務!! + and Sai no Ninmu!! +
PictureChapter 297 +
Romaji nameSai no Ninmu!! +
Volume number33 +

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