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  • Hashirama's sage mode comes from wood (theory)

    8 messages
    • Iar Sensei wrote: I don't know about Toads. That's pretty farfetched. Completely different pigmintations from Jiraiya, Minato and Naruto. Not...
    • Actionmanrandell wrote: Nah. i think he learnt senjutsu from the toads. case in point tobirama recognized the toads. that ancient toad was v...
  • Sage Mode Naruto vs. Sage Mode Jiraiya

    15 messages
    • Also, Naruto's Prime is chapter 700 as an adult Hokage, not at the end of the war. But yeah Jiraiya would win this fight in the end.
    • NeedleJizo wrote: The first sentence of the original post states that Naruto and Jiraiya are at the levels they were when they fought P...
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