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Kanji 双襲牙
Rōmaji Sōshūga
Literal English Twin Attacking Fangs
Manga Volume #62, Naruto Chapter #595
Appears in Manga

Sōshūga (双襲牙, Literally meaning: Twin Attacking Fangs) is the name of a pair of nunchaku that are used by Might Guy. Each handle of these weapons is intricately carved into the shape of a Chinese dragon-like creature, with scales engraved along their length and a head near the handle's base, while appearing to be linked together by a length of twisted chord. Might Guy wields these with great dexterity, utilising all of his limbs at times, making use of them particularly during situations where direct physical contact must be avoided.[1]

The weapons are first seen in use during the latter stages of the Fourth Shinobi World War but, during the course of the confrontation with Tobi, they were soon absorbed by the former and rendered unusable.[2]


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