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editSēramu Browse icon
セーラム Sēramu
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower
Appears in Movie
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased
  • Queen of Rōran

Sēramu (セーラム, Sēramu) was the mother and predecessor of Sāra as the Queen of Rōran.


Seramu and Sara

Sēramu and her daughter, Sāra, singing while playing with her harp.

Sēramu lived a happy life with her daughter as the Queen of Rōran. They usually sang together while she played her harp. One day, a man calling himself Anrokuzan convinced her to use the power of the Ryūmyaku and his technology to make Rōran grow with thousands of towers for the sake of the people. However, Sēramu realised she was being used by Anrokuzan. As a result, she was murdered by the latter, who used his chakra strings to send a blade into her back from afar. Sāra replaced her as the new Queen, unaware of the truth behind her mother's death.


Sēramu from what has been seen is a very caring and loving mother that would sing and play with her daughter Sāra. She unaware of what was actually happening would do just about anything for the sake of her people.


She was a young woman with long black hair, green eyes, and fair skin. As the Queen of Rōran, she wore purple and pink robes, a golden necklace with a red jewel around her neck, and brown sandals. She also used bright red lipstick.


As the Queen of Rōran, Sēramu had the power to control the Ryūmyaku — an ancient chakra flow located deep beneath the kingdom.

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