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editRyūgan browse_icon.png
(竜眼, Ryūgan)
Anime Naruto Episode #216
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Ryūgan (竜眼, Ryūgan) was a ninja from Takumi Village.


Ryūgan was presumed to be the youngest of his group. This, however, didn't put a limit to his prideful and arrogant attitude. During his battle with Kankurō and the Konoha shinobi, he boasted about how they were all going to die by his blade. Ryūgan also showed great pride in his weapon, the Garian Sword. Ryūgan also showed a little soft side of him.


Ryūgan was a slender boy, with green eyes that were outlined by blue eye-shadow. His blue hair slightly popped out of his white forehead protector, with the rest neatly combed throughout his head. Around his neck was a white scarf that reached down to his pants. Ryūgan wore a tight, grey shirt that was sleeveless, and that revealed his entire abdomen. On his arms were grey arm warmers with brown straps that secured them onto his arms. His grey baggy pants were fastened onto his body by a thick, brown belt. The lower part of his pants were tucked into his sandals. Ryūgan kept his sword on his back.


Ryūgan was proficient in his use of the Garian Sword, knowing how to manoeuvre it when attacking from short-to-long distances. By channelling his chakra into the blade, the sword itself amplified it by 10 fold, and unleashed the chakra on the blades in the form of a dragon.

Ryūgan was also able to perform the Ninja Tools Barrier: Reverse Fish Scales Formation in conjunction with his team in order to temporarily incapacitate Gaara.

Part I

Ultimate Weapon Arc

He, along with the rest of Four Celestial Symbols Men, abducted Gaara's student, Matsuri, to get access to Gaara. They planned to use the One-Tailed Shukaku inside of him in order to resurrect Seimei so they could seek revenge against the Five Great Shinobi Villages, who they felt did not appreciate their village.

Ryūgan ambushed Gaara and Kankurō which ended with Kankurō challenging him. Ryūgan had the advantage after he obliterated the Black Ant and proceeded to strike Kankurō, but he revealed that it was another of his puppets. After Ryūgan showed he still had the advantage, he again tried to kill Kankurō, but Kiba Inuzuka and Chōji Akimichi arrived in enough time to save him. After they had already messed up several attacks, Ryūgan became impatient, and proceeded to attack them all. However Kiba had already put a plan in action; he and Crow, disguised as Akamaru, would charge Ryūgan and divert him while Akamaru repaired the Black Ant so Kankurō could trap Ryūgan within it. Kankurō succeeded and then used the Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot, impaling Ryūgan several times. Ryūgan's Garian sword was later taken by Hōki.


  • His name, meaning "Dragon Eyes" comes from Seiryū, the Azure Dragon of the East.

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