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[[File:Ryūchi Cave.png|thumb|200px|Orochimaru at the Ryūchi Cave.]]
{{translation|'''Ryūchi Cave'''|龍地洞|Ryūchidō|lit meaning=Dragon Ground Cave}} is a legendary place that is equally as famous as [[Mount Myōboku]] and [[Shikkotsu Forest]]. This is where the sacred [[White Snake Sage]] resides and where [[Orochimaru]] uncovered the source of [[Jūgo]]'s [[Jūgo's Clan|clan]]'s abilities.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 579, pages 13-14</ref> Orochimaru and later [[Kabuto Yakushi]] trained here to achieve [[Sage Mode]].
== Inhabitants ==
* [[White Snake Sage]]
* [[Manda]]
* [[Three Giant Snakes]]
== References ==
[[Category:Locations|Ryuchi Cave]]
[[Category:Locations|Ryuchi Cave]]

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