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Ryū Clan
Ryū Symbol
(龍一族, Ryū Ichizoku)
Game Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles
Appears in Game
Clan Data
Known Members

The Ryū Clan (龍一族, Ryū Ichizoku) was once a powerful clan of Dragon Guardians entrusted with keeping the Dragon Blade.

Background Edit

Kuroma with the five Genryu

Kuroma and the five Genryū.

The Ryū clan was blessed by the power of the five Genryū, who together fertilised the land belonging to the clan around Mount Koryū. However, due to their clan's history as Dragon Guardians, all members of the clan were bound to the Genryū, signified by small horns on their heads, pointed ears, and, in some cases, facial markings. Because of their appearances, others recognised them immediately as those who had the power of the Genryū on their side, and persecuted them out of fear of the Genryū, exiling the clan and nearly driving them to extinction some time before the First Shinobi World War. The only known remnants of the clan are Akari and her older brother, Kuroma.

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