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リョウギ Ryōgi
Anime Boruto Episode #43
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Gender Gender Male Male
Kekkei Genkai
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Ryōgi (リョウギ, Ryōgi) is a member of the Byakuya Gang.


In his early childhood, Ryōgi lived a simple but carefree life with is parents. He would stay at home with his mother while his father would go off to shinobi missions with Gekkō. One night, to Ryōgi's horror, his father returned home mortally wounded and soon after dead. Immediately afterwards, the assailant appeared and killed Ryōgi's mother. As the man moved to kill Ryōgi, in fear for his life, the traumatised boy awakened his Ice Release to repel the man. Ryōgi passed out from the events. Upon awakening, he was found by Gekkō, who already killed the assailant. Taking the orphan with him, Gekkō revealed to Ryōgi the full nature of his father's work. Ryōgi learned that his father and Gekkō were secretly also working part of the noble thieves, the Byakuya Gang, in the goal of bringing true justice to this world and change it for the better. Ultimately, Ryōgi decided to join the group as well.


In his tender years, Ryōgi was very cheerful child with great admiration for his father, hoping to become like him. After losing his parents and learning the "truth" about the world, Ryōgi is a rather mellow individual, very mature for his age. He is very polite and enjoys meeting new people. He is also shown to be very intelligent, repeatedly beating Shikadai Nara in shōgi. He is also very loyal to the Byakuya Gang, so much that there is no doubt from Gekkō that he would never betray them. Also, similar to Shikadai, Ryōgi believes that not everything in life is so straightforward. He believes strongly that the world is corrupt and the only way to change it for the better is to make tough decisions.


Ice Release Mangehyo

Ryōgi using Ice Release: Ten Thousand Ice Petals.

Ryōgi possesses the nature transformations Water and Wind Release, which he can combine to use Ice Release. With the kekkei genkai, he can use it for a variety of ways including freezing objects on contact, lowering his body temperature, and freezing the ground to immobilise individuals. Offensively, he can launch a barrage ice darts of such intensity, that even blocking them can cause the person severe bodily harm. Ryōgi is also capable of performing hand seals with only one hand.

New Era

Byakuya Gang Arc

As the Byakuya Gang began operating in Konohagakure, Ryōgi and his father began scouting the village to better plan their heists. Eventually, Ryōgi met Shikadai, where the two quickly grew close do to having similar outlooks on life and enjoying to play shōgi. Later, during one of his missions, Ryōgi was intercepted by Team 7. He was able to evade their trap. After which, he lured them to a poor village that the Byakuya Gang recently helped, trying to show the noble nature of his gang's intentions.

Shikadai Confronts Ryōgi

Ryōgi attacks Shikadai.

The following day, during another heist, Ryōgi and his allies were intercepted by Team 5. During the escape, Ryōgi injured Metal Lee. Later, Ryōgi met again with Shikadai to play more shōgi, and properly met Boruto when he came to show Shikadai new games. Days later, while playing with Shikadai, the Konoha-nin confronted him about his allegiance with the Byakuya Gang, having already deduced the truth. Ryōgi denied the claim, until Shikadai tricked him into revealing the truth. Shikadai tried to convince Ryōgi that this path as a so-called noble thief would only get him killed, Ryōgi rejected the claim, saying that Shikadai has been lucky to live a peaceful life and as such, never had to try hard at anything. Ryōgi then retreated.