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Tsunade's money

The ryō () is the currency used in the Naruto world. It is based on an old Japanese gold coin that was used in Japan before the Meiji period. It was later replaced by the Yen. The exchange rate of of a ryō is 10 yen.[1]

Although money isn't focused on much in the story, certain prices and sums of money have been mentioned. For example, Asuma Sarutobi has a bounty of 35,000,000 ryō, five million ryō more than his fellow former Guardian Ninja, Chiriku.[2] Shinobi usually earn their money from completing missions. The rewards for these range from 5,000 ryō for a D-rank mission to more than 1,000,000 ryō for an S-rank mission. In the anime, Utakata has been given a bounty of 5,000,000 ryō for his defection from Kirigakure.[3]


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