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edit"Run! The Curry of Life!"
Run! The Curry of Life!
(走れ!!!生命のカレー, Hashire!!! Seimei no Karē)
Episode data
Previous "Raiga's Counterattack"
Episode Naruto #157
Next "Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge"
Arc Kurosuki Family Removal Mission
Japanese October 26, 2005
English April 12, 2008
"Run! The Curry of Life!" (走れ!!!生命のカレー, Hashire!!! Seimei no Karē) is episode 157 of the original Naruto anime.

Synopsis Edit

Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee and Neji Hyūga continue their fight against Raiga Kurosuki, with Raiga utilising a local thunderstorm to provide him with a practically infinite source of lightning to use. Raiga manages to knock all of them out with his electricity, but Sanshō, Tenten, Karashi and Ranmaru give them the Curry of Life, accidentally intoxicating Lee in the process. The curry awakens Naruto and restores him to fighting conditions. However, for Neji, the curry knocked him out. Ranmaru returns to Raiga, telling him the four are dead, and with his viewpoint of the world changed by the Konoha ninja, attempts to lead Raiga off a cliff. This fails when a drunken Lee attacks Raiga, who angrily dispatches him. Ranmaru attempts to get Raiga to stop the battle, but Raiga attacks him, accusing him of abandoning him. Naruto returns, though and defeats Raiga by punching him off a ledge, from which Raiga commits suicide by using lightning to incinerate his body. Ranmaru begins training alongside Karashi as an apprentice at the curry shop, and Naruto's team returns to Konoha.

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