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This is the article on the ninjutsu used by Raiga Kurosuki. For the taijutsu used by Iwagakure-nin, head to Rock Avalanche Formation.
editRock Avalanche
Rock Avalanche
Kanji 岩雪崩
Rōmaji Iwa Nadare
English anime Ninja Art: Boulder Avalanche
Anime Naruto Episode #154
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Mid to Long range
Hand seals Snake → Upside down Tiger → Hands clapped together

The user causes a rockslide by sending a wave of electric energy into a cliff. However, this technique is extremely location-based and needs to be done uphill of a mountain for it to be effective.


  • This technique is the only lightning-based technique Raiga has displayed that did not involve the use of his swords.

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