Road to Charasuke

Road to Charasuke Cover

Road to Charasuke is the official drama CD for the ninth Naruto movie, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie. It was available with the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the film.


As the events start, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno have been in the Limited Tsukuyomi world for one day. Hinata Hyūga and Ino Yamanaka are going to Sakura’s house, Hinata for the reason of warning Sakura to not get too close to Menma and Ino following her, trying to convince her otherwise. When Hinata and Ino arrive, Hinata notices the rose Sakura had, one that was given to her by Sasuke Uchiha. Coming to the conclusion that Sakura had feelings for Sasuke instead, Hinata decides to host a group date to push Sasuke and Sakura together.

After telling Shikamaru Nara and Chōji Akimichi the events, Ino and her team decide to prevent Sasuke from getting to Sakura at all costs. When seated at the restaurant, Chōji uses a "Group Date Manual" to aid in their plan. All of Chōji's attempts to distract Sakura from Sasuke fail, however, and Sasuke soon asks for Sakura to talk with him in private. Becoming desperate, Ino transfers her mind to Hinata's body. While in Hinata's body, she pulls Sasuke away from the group. After Ino tells Sasuke that she never wanted such things to happen, Sasuke's heart begins to beat. Ino then leaves Hinata's body, leaving a confused Hinata with Sasuke. Under the impression that Hinata had fallen in love with him, Sasuke tells her that he accepts her feelings. Angered by this, Hinata punches Sasuke and leaves.

In the end, Naruto sees Sasuke when he is waiting for Sakura. Naruto laughs at Sasuke after seeing his face and asks what happened to his face to which Sasuke tells him to shut up and leave him alone. Naruto then comments that even though everyone is different, Sasuke is the only one who doesn't change.