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editRikumaru Browse icon [1]
リク丸 Rikumaru
Manga Volume #38, Naruto Chapter #342
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #87
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Deer
  • Part II: 6

Rikumaru (リク丸, Rikumaru) is one of the Nara clan's deer.


Rikumaru does not seem to be afraid of humans like most animals and he did not flee during Shikamaru's fight with Hidan.


Rikumaru looks like a normal deer with light brown-coloured fur and dark brown eyes. He also has two big black-coloured antlers on his head like a normal male deer.

Part II

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

Rikumaru stood beside Shikamaru's side when he swore to Hidan that his clan would keep him buried there for all eternity. He later followed Shikamaru to the edge of the Nara clan forest.


  • In the anime, Rikumaru stood by Shikamaru's side while he buried Hidan. In the manga, Rikumaru is not seen until Shikamaru meets Sakura, Sai, and Pakkun at the edge of the Nara forest.
  • Antlers, like his, are a key ingredient in a variety of medicines.[1]


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