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|arc=Shinobi World War Arc
|arc=Shinobi World War Arc
== Summary ==
[[Ino]], [[Shikamaru]], and [[Chōji]] prepare to fight [[Asuma]]. [[Mifune]] and other [[samurai]] arrive to assist the [[Surprise Attack Division]] and battle [[Hanzō]], [[Chiyo]], and [[Kimimaro]]. Mifune disables Hanzō's [[ninjutsu]] by attacking him between his formation of [[hand seals]]. While fighting each other, Mifune remembers the first time he fought with Hanzō. He then surprises Hanzō with his ability to dodge several of his attacks, and was still able to cause damage to him.
[[es:¡Reunión, Equipo Asuma!]]

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This is the article on chapter 532 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on volume 56, head to Reunited, Team Asuma!.
"Reunited, Team Asuma!"
Chapter 531 Cover
(再会、アスマ班!, Saikai, Asuma-Han!)
Chapter Info
Volume Reunited, Team Asuma! (#56)
Previous "Chōji's Determination"
Chapter Naruto #531
Next "Mifune vs. Hanzō, the Conclusion!!"
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #272, Naruto Shippūden #273
None in this Chapter
Dance of the Sickle Blade: Falling Descent BladeDancing Blade RiskIai Beheading
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
"Reunited, Team Asuma!" (再会、アスマ班!, Saikai, Asuma-Han!) is chapter 531 of the original Naruto manga.
Facts about "Reunited, Team Asuma!"RDF feed
ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number531 +
English nameReunited, Team Asuma! +
Kanji name再会、アスマ班! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesReunited, Team Asuma! +, 再会、アスマ班! + and Saikai, Asuma-Han! +
PictureChapter 531 Cover +
Romaji nameSaikai, Asuma-Han! +
Volume number56 +

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