Return of the Kazekage

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"Return of the Kazekage"
Naruto shakes hands with Gaara
(風影の帰還, Kazekage no Kikan)
Episode data
Previous "The Legacy!"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #32 (Watch Online)
Next "The New Target"
Arc Kazekage Rescue Arc
Manga Naruto Chapter #280, Naruto Chapter #281
Japanese October 25, 2007
English April 21, 2010
SaiDanzō ShimuraObito Uchiha
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
"Return of the Kazekage" (風影の帰還, Kazekage no Kikan) is episode 32 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Return of the Kazekage (風影の帰還, Kazekage no Kikan) is episode 32 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Deidara, revealing that the self-detonation was caused by his clone, survives his battle and begins to search for his missing arm. Meanwhile, Zetsu and his subordinate, Tobi, who wishes to join Akatsuki, search Sasori's remains for his ring, only to temporarily lose it after Tobi drops it in a crack in the rubble of the destroyed hideout. Deidara later finds the two searching for his own ring and tells Zetsu that he has fulfilled his quota. However, Tobi insults Deidara repeatedly by accident and ends up in a stranglehold by Deidara using his legs. The Konoha ninja begin to leave Sunagakure after their mission. The Konoha and Suna ninja pay their respects at Chiyo's grave, and Naruto and Gaara shake hands before departing. On the way back to Konoha, Might Guy gets upset about Kakashi slowing him down, and gives him a piggyback ride, much to their students' disgust. In Konoha, Danzō gives Sai instructions for his secret mission after joining Team Kakashi.

Facts about "Return of the Kazekage"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcKazekage Rescue Arc +
English airdate21 April 2010 +
English nameReturn of the Kazekage +
Episode number32 +
Japanese airdate25 October 2007 +
Kanji name風影の帰還 +
MangaNaruto +
Manga Chapter280 + and 281 +
NameReturn of the Kazekage +
NamesReturn of the Kazekage +, 風影の帰還 + and Kazekage no Kikan +
PictureNaruto shakes hands with Gaara +
Romaji nameKazekage no Kikan +

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