Remembrance: The Lost Page

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"Remembrance: The Lost Page"
File:Remembrance The Lost Page.JPG
(記憶 失われた頁, Kioku Ushinawareta Peiji)
Episode data
Previous "Mix it, Stretch it, Boil it Up! Burn Copper Pot, Burn!"
Episode Naruto #169
Next "The Closed Door"
Arc Land of the Sea Arc
Japanese January 25, 2006
English May 24, 2008
Water Release: Great Waterfall Flow Technique
None in this Episode
Kaima Capture Team
"Remembrance: The Lost Page" (記憶 失われた頁, Kioku Ushinawareta Peiji) is episode 169 of the original Naruto anime.

Remembrance: The Lost Page (記憶 失われた頁, Kioku Ushinawareta Peiji) is episode 169 of the original Naruto anime.


Anko Mitarashi is dispatched to the Land of the Sea with Naruto, Shino, and Ino to investigate the nature of the "Kaima" monster. Upon arriving, Anko recalls her time with Orochimaru in this area, and her cursed seal begins to resonate and cause her pain. At the docks, the group sees Yoroi Akadō and Misumi Tsurugi accosting a young girl. Naruto chases them away, but does not recognise them. When the group sets off to one of the islands, Yoroi and Misumi attack, and Naruto nearly drowns until he is saved by the girl he saw earlier.

Facts about "Remembrance: The Lost Page"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcLand of the Sea Arc +
English airdate24 May 2008 +
English nameRemembrance: The Lost Page +
Episode number169 +
Japanese airdate25 January 2006 +
Kanji name記憶 失われた頁 +
NameRemembrance: The Lost Page +
NamesRemembrance: The Lost Page +, 記憶 失われた頁 + and Kioku Ushinawareta Peiji +
PictureFile:Remembrance The Lost Page.JPG +
Romaji nameKioku Ushinawareta Peiji +

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