Red Moon Scroll

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Red Moon Scroll

Kanji 朱月の書
Rōmaji Shugetsu no Sho
Literal English Red Moon Scroll
Movie Naruto 6: Road to Ninja
Appears in Movie only

The Red Moon Scroll is a special scroll that can end Genjutsu World.


At some point, Jiraiya went on a mission to retrieve the scroll, but failed to return it to Konoha. Before perishing, to make sure it didn't fall in wrong hands, Jiraiya set a trap that only his student, Minato, could get through.


A group of Konoha-nin consisting of Minato, Kakashi, Guy, Kushina, Naruto, and Sakura went to retrieve the scroll. Naruto ended up triggering the trap, causing several toads to be summoned to protect the scroll. In the end, Minato was able to release the summoning and acquire the scroll, which was locked in a safe in Konohagakure. When Menma attacked Konoha, he busted through and tried to steal the scroll. It was destroyed by Menma when Naruto tried to use it when the moon turned red in colour.

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