Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student

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"Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student"
Odama Rasengan Debut
(ド根性師弟忍風録, Dokonjō Shitei Ninpūroku)
Episode data
Previous "Gutsy Master and Student: The Training"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #188 (Watch Online)
Next "Sasuke's Paw Encyclopaedia"
Arc Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha
Japanese November 25, 2010
English May 11, 2013
Conch CannonNew Sexy TechniqueWater Release Genjutsu: Demonic Phantom Fog Prison
"Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student" (ド根性師弟忍風録, Dokonjō Shitei Ninpūroku) is episode 188 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Naruto and Jiraiya become determined to free the village from under Kandachi's rule against Tanishi's will. They soon confront Kandachi who summons the Conch King on a lake. None of the Naruto's techniques work, because Conch King's shell has a good defence and moderate offence. Meanwhile Tanishi is so afraid, he begs for Kandachi to let his mother and villagers go as Kandachi threatens to kill them. Naruto and Jiraiya free the villagers who hang above the water and Jiraiya moves off to take them to shore with the help of Tanishi. Naruto determinately fights Kandachi even though he keeps getting beaten down by the Conch King's tentacles. Jiraiya soon joins the fight and both Jiraiya and Naruto are caught in the Water Release Genjutsu: Mystic Fog Prison, but soon Tanishi uses Chilli Pepper Bombs to free them. In the end, Naruto defeats the Conch King with the Big Ball Rasengan. Continuing on their journey, Jiraiya noted that Naruto had already grown a lot which reminds him of Minato. Getting sentimental, Jiraiya tries to hug Naruto, who is very disturbed by the turn of events.


  • When Naruto looks back to the Hokage Rock, Tsunade's face is next to Minato's, even though it wasn't there when they left at the end of Part I.

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