Rasenshuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!!

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"Rasenshuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!!"
Chapter 441
(螺旋手裏剣VS神羅天征!!, Rasenshuriken Bāsasu Shinra Tensei!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #47 (#47)
Previous "A Conversation with the Fourth!!"
Chapter Naruto #441
Next "The Final Gamble!!"
Arc Pain's Assault (Arc)
Anime Naruto Shippūden #168
"Rasenshuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!!" (螺旋手裏剣VS神羅天征!!, Rasenshuriken Bāsasu Shinra Tensei!!) is chapter 441 of the original Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Nagato is not able to maintain his Chibaku Tensei any longer. It falls apart and Naruto, in Sage Mode, lands on the ground. Naruto is confused about how he got here, so Katsuyu explains that he succumbed to the Nine-Tails and went on a rampage. Katsuyu assures him that he did not harm anyone and that Hinata is all right. Seeing the Deva Path, he asks it to take him to Nagato. It refuses, so Naruto takes one of its black receivers and tracks Nagato's location. He then attacks the Deva Path with a Rasenshuriken, trying to hit it while its repulsion powers are recharging.

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