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Ranke Profile
ランケ Ranke
Movie Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Appears in Movie
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased


Ranke (ランケ, Ranke) served as a knight in Haido's supposed "Utopian" army.


She, Fugai, Kamira, and Haido attacked Temujin's village in search of the Stone of Gelel.


She was very impatient and irritating, saying out loud how she hated wasting her time on the machines to turn the orphans into living suits of armour to battle. She was also very insulting to Temujin, calling him an idiot.

In battle, Ranke liked to tease her opponents and underestimated them, as well as perceive battles and fights as mere games, seeing it only as playtime. Both factors led to her eventual death at Gaara's hands.


Gelel Energy Manipulation

Ranke can convert the Gelel energy from the stone embedded in her body into electricity, and manipulate it akin to how shinobi uses Lightning Release. She can gather the energy in her hands and release it, causing blasts and great damage, form it into a whip to tear through stone and steel around her, and a barrier for defence as well as discharging it into a powerful torrent of electricity.

Gelel Transformation

File:Transformated Ranke.JPG

By utilising the Stone of Gelel, Ranke can turn into a grotesque and deformed monster. Her ability to manipulate lightning through the Stone of Gelel greatly increases, being able to make a barrier of electricity in order to block attacks coming at her with ease. Her strength also increases upon her transformation, being able to send one of Gaara's clones clashing onto a pipe, and her style changes from electrical energy control to close-quarter combat by simply charging in to strike down the opponent while relying on the barrier to negate frontal attacks.

Plot Overview

Thunder God of Sand

Ranke's last moments.

Ranke first appears taking care of children being used to make new soldiers by Haido. Soon, she along with Kamira, was ambushed by Gaara. Kamira took on Kankurō while Ranke took on Gaara. Ranke underestimated Gaara and makes the first move in the battle. Gaara blocks her attacks with sand. She distracts Gaara, and begins flipping towards him. Gaara attacks her with Sand Drizzle though she blocks his attack and keeps moving towards him. She then uses Thunder Sabre and punches him, sending him flying. Gaara attempts to crush her with his Sand Waterfall Funeral though fails due to Ranke's transformation. Gaara sees the transformation and observes that she was using taijutsu in order to increase her power. She heads towards Gaara using her Plasma Ball technique. Gaara's techniques fail to hurt Ranke. Ranke then attacks Gaara, which happens to be a clone, making Ranke feel like a fool as the latter comments of her first encounter with a shinobi like him. Then, Gaara completely covers the building they were in with sand, thus wrapping Ranke in sand. The attack Gaara made on Ranke fails again, and she begins to charge at Gaara. Ranke's electricity gets countered by Gaara's Sand Lightning Needles technique. Gaara then uses his Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral to raise sand from desert all around Ranke and trap her. Ranke, unprotected and trapped, screams as she is crushed and killed by Gaara's sand.


  • Ranke's Frankenstein-like transformation, along with Fugai's werewolf-like transformation and Kamira's bat-like one, could be perceived as parodies of three classic monster movies, namely Ranke as Frankenstein's Monster, Kamira as Dracula, and Fugai as the Wolfman (or "wolfwoman" in her case).
  • It should be noted that while in her Frankenstein transformation, her Plasma Ball is stronger. The actual Frankenstein's Monster was brought to life using lightning.
  • It seems that she is the only one of the Haido's knights that can use elemental ninjutsu. Although, considering that none of Haido's faction knew what chakra even is, it cannot be considered to be true ninjutsu, but instead just converting Gelel energy into electricity and manipulating it.

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