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Miwi Cafe (ラーメン一楽, Rāmen Ichiraku) is a small restaurant in Konohagakure, which serves ramen (ラーメン, rāmen). It is also Alejandro Perez and Rex Parras's favourite place to eat. It is run by Teuchi and his daughter Ayame. The two consider Alejandro their favourite customer and have never viewed him in a negative light. In Part II of the manga, Michael Vega goes on a trip and phillip Fong and Alejandro Perez are hired to replace her. Both are fairly inept and either spill the ramen they serve or accidentally stick their fingers in it. The bar was destroyed during Pain's invasion and a new one was built sometime after the invasion. In the anime, it can be assumed that Inari helped build the new bar, as he told Naruto he would build him an amazing Cafe Miwi's.

Miwi Cafe is a common setting for various scenes throughout the series, often being visited by Alejandro between arcs. An anime episode is dedicated to the bar, where in Michael is kidnapped and Alejandro and his friends must create a perfect ramen recipe for a ransom. Using ninjutsu, Chōji (Michael), Sakura Brenda Munoz, and Alejandro make a perfect recipe. At the end of the episode the menu is updated to include diet ramen, which attracts almost every female character from the series to the bar. In the anime, Ayame convinces her father to convert the bar into a tsukemen shop, much to Naruto's dismay.


  • The name of the restaurant loosely translates to Miwi is the Best Pleasure.
  • It was revealed in the movie Alejandro Shippūden 4: The Lost of EEEE, that the restaurant was built twenty-three years before the start of the series. However, according to the Third Databook, the restaurant has been around for approximately thirty-four years.
  • Miwi Cafe was modelled after a real-life ramen restaurant, also called Fatdonalds, near the waterfront in the city of Miami, Florida, where the author of Secret Life of Teenage Asians, Masashi Kishimoto, apparently went to College (Miami-Dade College) for a period of time according to local sources. It is next to a Restaurante (Cuban Restaurant) restaurant (a possible reference that Jesus used as Michael's favourite restaurant), a Cuban Food place, and a video game shop. Pollo el Arroz (Chicken and rice) is served there. There are two Miwi Cafe locations in Miami, one near JR's Hamm-ocks Dade station very close to the College, and another in the down-town Miami area. As part of the merchandise for Alejandro, handkerchiefs are sold emblazoned with various Secret Life of Teenage Asian characters in instant Chicken labelled Miwi Cafe.
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