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Rainbow's Sky (虹の空, Niji no Sora), performed by Flow, is the thirty-fourth ending of Naruto: Shippūden. It began on episode 418 and ran through episode 431. It was replaced by Troublemaker.

Lyrics Edit

Rōmaji Edit

Terase asu wo ima kokoro tsutau messēji

Boku to yoku ni ta itami uchiake te kure ta hito
Futo hitori ja nain datte omoetan da
Dakedo nagareta namida kamishime ta nukumori o
Itsumade mo boku wa dakishimete ireru ka na?

Kizutsui te kizutsui te nai te nai te tsuyoku nare subete
Me ni utsuru sono keshiki wa eien ni tada kokoro e to massugu tsunagatte iku

Hanate niji no sora omoi nara kokoro ni aru (My heart)
Terase asu wo ima kokoro tsutau messēji
Hanate niji no sora

Kanji Edit

照らせ 明日を今 心伝うメッセージ

僕とよく似た痛み 打ち明けてくれた人
ふと ひとりじゃないんだって思えたんだ
だけど流れた涙 噛みしめた温もりを

傷ついて傷ついて 泣いて泣いて強くなれ すべて
目に映るその景色は 永遠に ただ心へと まっすぐ繋がっていく

放て 虹の空 覚悟ならこころにある(My heart)
照らせ 明日を今 心伝う メッセージ
放て 虹の空

English Edit

Illuminate tomorrow, now, a message to follow my heart.

I used to be in pain often, to be frank I have a heavy personality.
But suddenly I thought I'm not alone.
However the tears flowed, I digest the warmth anyway.
But every time I hold someone tight, do I let them in?

To be wounded, to get hurt, crying, weeping, all to become strong.
That scenery reflected in the eyes go straight to the heart and tied together.

When it feels heavy, rainbow's sky is emitting light in my heart. (My heart)
Illuminate tomorrow, now, a message to follow my heart.
Rainbow's sky is emitting light.

Characters Edit

The characters in order of appearance:

Trivia Edit

  • The ending sequence for this song shows the story of Ramen Ichiraku with many of the main characters, beginning with the moment how Naruto first had ramen.
  • This is the fourth song by Flow in the Naruto media. The first, second, and third songs were "GO!!!", "Re:member", and "Sign".

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