"Raiga's Counterattack" (逆襲の雷牙, Gyakushū no Raiga) is episode 156 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto, Neji, and Rock Lee notice a storm coming and gather lumber to take back to the restaurant. As they head back, Neji notices a strange lightning bolt coming from the gold mine. Meanwhile, Raiga wakes up to find Ranmaru unconscious and becomes angry at Karashi. Tenten attacks Raiga but is easily defeated by his rod lightning powers; Raiga then demands that Karashi turn over Lee, Naruto, and Neji or else he will kill him and his mother Sanshō. Terrified, Karashi immediately agrees to bring them to lightning pass. When Tenten wakes up, she notices that Ranmaru is still alive and carries him to shelter. Karashi finds Naruto, Lee, and Neji outside the restaurant and tells them that Tenten has fallen off a nearby cliff and needs to be rescued. As the three head out to search for Tenten, Karashi takes Sanshō inside and tells her that they need to pack up and leave immediately. When she refuses, he begins pulling her by force. Tenten returns with Ranmaru to the restaurant, insisting that he has no choice but to live since he chose to cut others' lives short when following Raigu, something his and Raiga's victims did not have a say in. Sanshō remains decided on staying and makes the Curry of Life for Ranmaru. Elsewhere, Naruto, Lee and Neji are faring badly against Raiga, who is using the thunderstorm to increase his power, but Sanshō heads out to provide curry for them.