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Rai no Sho
(NARUTO–ナルト–展プレミアムファンBOOK 新伝・雷の書, Naruto-ten Puremiamu FanBOOK Shinden: Rai no Sho)
Book Data
Previous Fū no Sho
Next Michi
Pages 65
Release Date
Japanese April 25, 2015

The Naruto Exhibition Premium Fanbook New Style: Scroll of Thunder (NARUTO–ナルト–展プレミアムファンBOOK 新伝・雷の書, Naruto-ten Puremiamu FanBOOK Shinden: Rai no Sho) is one of the two special booklets given to visitors of the Naruto Exhibition in Japan, the other one being the Fū no Sho. The booklet included an official spin-off manga called The Beast that was Shot by Love!!.


  • By scanning the back cover with the official Naruto app's "Sharingan Camera" feature, an additional illustration of Sasuke Uchiha can be viewed. Upon scanning both Fū no Sho and Rai no Sho, an illustration of Itachi Uchiha can also be viewed.

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