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羅氷 Rahyō
Novel Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky
Appears in Novel
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai
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Rahyō (羅氷, Rahyō) was a missing-nin from Kirigakure, the brother of Kahyō, and a leading member of the Ryūha Armament Alliance.


Rahyō, like his sister, was once a shinobi of Kirigakure but fled the village in hope of a better life. After the tragic death of his nephew Hakuhyō, Rahyō helped founding the Ryūha Armament Alliance.


Initially, Rahyō was a cold man, easily willing to sacrifice innocent people for his cause, like executing them as a method to put pressure on Tsunade or use them as living bombs after promising to let them free. He even enjoyed the prospect of a young boy's death that somehow resembled the situation leading to the death of his nephew Hakuhyō, calling it a "form of retribution". During battle, Rahyō was confident in his abilities, even when fighting prominent enemies like Kakashi Hatake or Might Guy. However, he quickly got enraged when his enemies would behave in an unorthodox way during the fight, impairing the aim of his attacks. Despite his short temper, Rahyō could keep a calm head when the situation required him to. Moments before his death, he expressed surprise by Kakashi's attempts to save him and seemed to have a change of heart in his last moment, asking him if empathic shinobi like Kakashi really existed with a soft expression.


Rahyō was a man with a large build who wore a beard. His attire consisted of deep blue clothing and a chain mail. Under his overcoat, he had a sword concealed.


Rahyō was a formidable fighter, able to hold his own against Kakashi and Guy on several occasions, although said shinobi were most of the time handicapped either by the situation or by physical impairments.


Rahyō was skilled in kenjutsu, using a sword to deflect the attacks of a Konohagakure jōnin.

Nature Transformation

Rahyō was able to use the Ice Release kekkei genkai by simultaneously combining Water Release and Wind Release. By doing so, he could surround his fists with ice to augment the striking power or as a mean of defence.

Physical Prowess

Rahyō was a sturdy man, surviving a Leaf Drop to the head that pushed him throught the floor without any repercussions. He was skilled in taijutsu, able to match Guy in speed and strength, although it should be noted that Guy was physically impaired during the fights. Rahyō's fighting style resolved around the usage of his kekkei genkai during close-range combat, boosting the impact of his attacks.

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