Racing Lightning

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"Racing Lightning"
Racing Lightning
(疾走る雷, Hashiru Ikazuchi)
Episode data
Previous "Painful Decision"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #202 (Watch Online)
Next "Sasuke's Ninja Way"
Arc Five Kage Summit (Arc)
Manga Naruto Chapter #460, Naruto Chapter #461, Naruto Chapter #462
Japanese March 10, 2011
English August 17, 2013
Chakra Suppression TechniqueElbowFlashLightning Release Chakra ModeLightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning PillarLightning Release: Wave of InspirationMultiple Lotus Nonself Connected CannonsSamurai Sabre Technique
"Racing Lightning" (疾走る雷, Hashiru Ikazuchi) is episode 202 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


As Naruto tries to attack Tobi, Yamato and Kakashi separate the two. Tobi wants to know how Naruto turned Nagato into a traitor while Naruto wants to know about Sasuke. Tobi, not bothered by Yamato's restricting wooden tendrils, knowing their technique couldn't harm him, begins telling them the truth about Itachi as he couldn't tell Sasuke's story without mentioning Itachi's. The Fourth Raikage breaks White Zetsu's neck, gaining admonishment from the Fifth Mizukage for killing a valuable source of information, and leaves with C and Darui to fight Sasuke. The samurai are alerted about Sasuke's infiltration and Karin notices Taka has been discovered. Sasuke kills many samurai while the Raikage, C, and Darui reach his location. Sasuke, Suigetsu and Jūgo fight them. The Raikage snaps Suigetsu's sword and Suigetsu begins to fight Darui with the broken half. Karin notices how Sasuke's chakra has become "colder and darker", and notes it to be worse than level two of his cursed seal. Jūgo transforms into his level two cursed state, and briefly fights the Raikage before being tossed aside. C is paralysed by Sasuke's genjutsu as Sasuke moves in to fight the Raikage.

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