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[[File:Four-Tails & Roushi.jpg|thumb|Rōshi and Son Gokū.]]
#REDIRECT [[Jinchūriki Forms]]
[[Rōshi]] was the [[jinchūriki]] of [[Son Gokū]] — the Four-Tails. Not much is known about Rōshi or his tailed beast except that it had ability to mix its [[earth]] and [[fire]] natures to create [[lava]], which it spewed from its mouth. Due to being its jinchūriki, he also possessed this ability. Rōshi was eventually captured by [[Kisame Hoshigaki]] and the beast extracted, causing his death. However, during the events of the [[Fourth Shinobi World War]], he was [[Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation|reincarnated]] and made into a jinchūriki once again, yet the [[Eight-Tails]] remarked that his tailed beast felt "''different''".<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 565, page 1</ref>
== Version 2 ==
[[File:Roshi v 2.JPG|thumb|left|Rōshi in his "Version 2" state.]]
Whilst reincarnated, Rōshi displayed the ability to enter a "Version 2" form, by moulding its chakra into a human-like shape around himself. When entering into this form, the sudden increase in chakra was such that it instantly vaporised [[Killer B]]'s [[ink clone]], which had [[Sealing Technique: Octopus Hold|immobilised]] him at the time.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 566, pages 10-11</ref>
In addition to forming a dark chakra cloak around his entire body, he also gained prominent tufts of fur along his back and the characteristic horns of Son Gokū on his forehead. With the power granted by this form, Rōshi not only manifests all of his beast's four tails, but also becomes able to summon even larger torrents of [[lava]] than normal almost instantaneously, which can [[Flower–Fruit Mountain|erupt violently upwards]] from the ground.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 566, pages 13-14</ref>
== Partial Transformation ==
[[File:Roshi Partial Transformation.jpg|thumb|Rōshi in his partial form.]]
After being reincarnated, Rōshi demonstrated the ability to manifest one of the beast's tails.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 564, pages 16-17</ref> In this form he can envelop himself in an [[Lava Release Armour|armour made of lava]]. The extreme heat generated by his armour is strong enough to burn his opponent, even without coming in direct contact with them.
== Full Four-Tails Form ==
[[File:Roshi Full Transformation.jpg|thumb|left|Rōshi's full Four-Tails form.]]
While fighting [[Naruto Uzumaki]] and Killer B, [[Tobi]] forcefully transformed the revived Rōshi into his full Four-Tails form. In this form, he takes on the appearance of Son Gokū itself, allowing him to manipulate the full extent of the beast's considerable physical strength, with which he was able to easily throw B despite him being in his [[Killer B's Jinchūriki Forms#Tailed Beast Mode|full Eight-Tails form]].<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 567, pages 16-19</ref>
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== References ==
[[es:Transformaciones de Rōshi]]
[[Category:Tailed beasts|Roshi's Jinchuriki Forms]]

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