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  • The formula appears…
  • …to control the victim's mind.
Kanji 傀儡の呪い
Rōmaji Kugutsu no Noroi
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire
Appears in Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, Juinjutsu
Class Supplementary

Hiruko uses this technique to take control of people. It can be activated long after the technique is first applied. The appearance is a red eye with another circle in it resembling the pupil, with four lines stemming from the upper line of the eye and two big thick lines stemming from the side of the eye. This power seems to control the minds of others as it appeared on Kakashi Hatake's forehead, vanished, then took control over his body. The eyes of the person who get caught by this technique turn red while they are being controlled.

The technique works in a manner similar to controlling a puppet; using hand motions to guide the target to its destination.