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"Text" is a predefined property that represents text of arbitrary length and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.

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Arhat Fist +Jirōbō (null)  +
Arm of Shukaku +Gaara (null)  +
Armageddon Countdown Clock +Konoha Astronomer (null)  +
Armour of Sand +Gaara (null)  +
Armour of Sticky Gold +Kidōmaru (null)  +
Armour-Eater +Log (null)  +
Art (jutsu) +Deidara (null)  +
Assassination Technique +Torune Aburame (Anime)  +, Fū Yamanaka (null)  +, Hyō (null)  +,
Assimilate All Creation Technique +Nagare (null)  +
Assimilation: Rock Blizzard +Nagare (null)  +
Assimilation: Rock Tank +Nagare (null)  +
Assimilation: Sand Binding Coffin +Nagare (null)  +
Assimilation: Sand Waterfall Funeral +Nagare (null)  +
Asura Attack +Nagato (null)  +
Asura Path +Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (null)  +, Madara Uchiha (null)  +, Nagato (null)  +,
Attack of the Twin Demons +Kabuto Yakushi (null)  +, Sakon and Ukon (null)  +
Avalanche Dance +Haku (null)  +
Axe +Tenten (Anime)  +, Sabu (null)  +
Azure Stream +Suigetsu Hōzuki (null)  +
Ball of Light Technique +Yamato (null)  +
Ballistic Waterwheel +Chōji Akimichi (null)  +
Bando's Chakra Armour +Bando (null)  +
Banshō Kokuin +Madara Uchiha (null)  +
Banshō Ten'in +Sasuke Uchiha (Anime)  +, Madara Uchiha (Game)  +, Nagato (null)  +
Barrage of Gentle Fists +Hinata Hyūga (null)  +, Neji Hyūga (null)  +

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