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Barrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates +Fuen (null)  +
Barrier Method Formation +Kidōmaru (null)  +, Sakon and Ukon (null)  +, Tayuya (null)  +,
Barrier Puppets +Gandō (null)  +, Menō (null)  +
Barrier Shatter Technique +Akaboshi (null)  +, Benten (null)  +, Chūshin (null)  +,
Barrier Talisman: Armoured Eye +Ao (null)  +
Barrier: Canopy Method Formation +Jiraiya (null)  +
Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison +Jiraiya (null)  +
Bashōsen +Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (null)  +, Kinkaku (null)  +, Tenten (null)  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Earth +Kinkaku (null)  +, Tenten (null)  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Fire +Kinkaku (null)  +, Tenten (Anime)  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Lightning +Kinkaku (null)  +, Tenten (null)  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Water +Tenten (null)  +, Kinkaku (null)  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Wind +Tenten (null)  +, Kinkaku (Game)  +
Bat Controlling +Rinji (null)  +
Bat Controlling: Ultrasonic Mind Waves +Rinji (null)  +
Beast Human Clone +Kiba Inuzuka (null)  +, Akamaru (null)  +
Beast Sealing Technique +Honoka (null)  +
Beast Tearing Gale Palm +Sora (null)  +
Beast Tearing Palm +Sora (null)  +
Beast-Human Fury Kicks +Ryuka Tenrō (null)  +, Enzo Tenrō (null)  +
Beast-Human Needle Senbon +Enzo Tenrō (null)  +, Ryuka Tenrō (null)  +
Bee Bomb Technique +Jibachi (null)  +, Suzumebachi (null)  +
Bee Honey Technique +Suzumebachi (null)  +
Beeswax Clone +Jibachi (null)  +, Kurobachi (null)  +, Suzumebachi (null)  +
Beheading Prison Chop +A (Third Raikage) (null)  +
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