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"Text" is a predefined property that represents text of arbitrary length and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.

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10 Hit Combo +Lars Alexandersson (null)  +
100 Metre Punch +Tsunade (null)  +, Sakura Haruno (null)  +
100% Single Punch +Tsunade (null)  +
1000 Metre Punch +Sakura Haruno (null)  +, Tsunade (null)  +
16 Hit Combo +Ino Yamanaka (null)  +
Absolute: Fang Passing Fang +Kiba Inuzuka (null)  +, Akamaru (null)  +
Absorption Soul Technique +Nagato (null)  +, Obito Uchiha (null)  +
Accelerated Armed Revolving Heaven +Neji Hyūga (null)  +, Rock Lee (null)  +, Tenten (null)  +
Acid Permeation +Utakata (null)  +
Acrobat +Killer B (null)  +
Adamantine Attacking Chains +Karin (null)  +
Adamantine Power: Acala +Hashirama Senju (null)  +
Adamantine Prison Wall +Monkey King: Enma (null)  +
Adamantine Sealing Chains +Kushina Uzumaki (null)  +
Adamantine Staff +Hiruzen Sarutobi (null)  +
Adamantine Technique: Cranium Crusher +Hiruzen Sarutobi (null)  +, Monkey King: Enma (null)  +
Afterglow +Sasuke Uchiha (null)  +
Afterimage Clone +Shisui Uchiha (null)  +
Agonizing Thorn Technique (Simply Put a Kanchō) +Obito Uchiha (null)  +, Tobi (Zetsu) (null)  +
Air Lightning Bullet +Iruka Umino (null)  +, Mizuki (null)  +, Kakashi Hatake (null)  +
Air Lightning Strike +Iruka Umino (null)  +, Kakashi Hatake (null)  +, Mizuki (null)  +
Air Raid Shot +Kankurō (null)  +
Air Sand Protective Wall +Gaara (null)  +
Alder +Kimimaro (null)  +
All Directions Shuriken +Naruto Uzumaki (null)  +

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