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Look survey/Survey 002 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 004 +Save the infobox. Willing to tweak.  +
Look survey/Survey 005 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 006 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 007 +The new look isn't as bad as I thought it would be, I still like Monaco better, but if Wikia could use Vector, it would be good. There are some things I don't like, though some are more bugs than actual features I don't like. I really don't like the fact they squeezed the content area, yet left loads of white space.  +
Look survey/Survey 008 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 009 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 010 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 011 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 013 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 014 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 015 +Please change Sasuke Uchiha's Photo in his profile. I really think he should have a cuter picture. The same goes for all the other characaters. I'm a huge fan of team 7, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto. Thank you.  +
Look survey/Survey 016 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 017 +i love narutopedia now i know a lot about NARUTO!! :) :D  +
Look survey/Survey 018 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 019 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 020 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 021 +I like both types of skins the new one and the old one both are equal but i need time to adjust to this new skin.  +
Look survey/Survey 022 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 023 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 024 +I liked the "Recent Edits" on the home page of the wikis, that should be brought back to the main page instead of being moved to each individual content page.  +
Look survey/Survey 025 +I'd be severely disappointed if Narutopedia moved.  +
Look survey/Survey 026 +{{{extracomments}}}  +
Look survey/Survey 027 +no comments here. except that I love the new look  +
Look survey/Survey 028 +{{{extracomments}}}  +

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