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This field displays the status of a character:

The possible values are:

  • Alive
  • Incapacitated
  • Deceased
  • Presumed Deceased

Pages using the property "Status"

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Conch King +Alive  +
Condor +Alive  +
Curse Jutsu Master +Alive  +
Cursed Warrior +Deceased  +
Daibutsu +Deceased  +
Daichi +Alive  +
Tenzen Daikoku +Presumed Deceased  +
Tenzen's Bodyguard +Presumed Deceased  +
Daimaru +Deceased  +
Claw Daimyō +Alive  +
Earth Daimyō +Alive  +
Fang Daimyō +Alive  +
Fire Daimyō +Alive  +
Frost Daimyō +Alive  +
Hot Water Daimyō +Alive  +
Lightning Daimyō +Alive  +
Sound Daimyō +Alive  +
Tea Daimyō +Alive  +
Evil Minister of the Tea Daimyō +Alive  +
This Daimyō +Deceased  +
Water Daimyō +Alive  +
Wind Daimyō (Part II) +Alive  +
Wind Daimyō (Part I) +Alive  +
Dajimu +Alive  +
Darui +Alive  +

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