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This property stores the image(s) in the infobox of a page. It is type: Page.

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Six Paths of Pain +Pein Rikudō.png  +, Tobi's Pein Rikudō.png  +
Six Red Yang Formation +Six Red Yang Encampment.png  +
Sky Ninja Captain +UnnamedSkyNinjaCaptain.png  +
Sky Shaking Fist +Sky Shaking Fist.png  +
Slashing Bandages +Slashing bandage.jpg  +
Sleeping Snake Blade Slash +Sleeping Snake Blade Slash2.png  +
Slicing Crimson Wave +Slicing Crimson Wave.png  +
Slime Suit +Slime Suit 1.PNG  +, Slime Suit 2.PNG  +
Slithering Snake Mode +Slithering hebi mode.png  +
Slug Great Division +Slug Great Division.png  +
Sly Mind Affect Technique +Sly Mind Affect Technique part 1.png  +, Sly Mind Affect Technique part 2.png  +
Smoke Bomb +Smoke bomb 1.PNG  +, Smoke bomb 2.PNG  +
Smoke Clone +Smoke Clone.JPG  +
Smoke Dragon +Smoke Dragon.jpg  +
Smoke Transformation +Smoke Transformation Technique 1.png  +
Smokescreen +Kamira's Smokescreen.JPG  +
Smooth Talking…!! +Chapter 321.jpg  +
Smooth Training +Chapter 318.jpg  +
Snake (game) +Hebi.PNG  +, Hebi2.PNG  +
Snake Charmer Technique +Snake User Techniqu.jpg  +
Snake Clone Technique +Snake Clone 1.png  +, Snake Clone 2.png  +
Snake Mouth Poison Mist Technique +Snake Poison.png  +
Snake Skin Slash +Snake Slash 1.png  +, Snake Slash 2.png  +, Snake Slash 3.png  +,
Snake Steel Net +Dakomu.png  +
Snake Summoning Scroll +Snake Scroll 2.png  +
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