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This property lists the parents of a character or jutsu. This is a Page.

Pages using the property "Parent"

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Barrier Method Formation — Triple Formula +String Light Formation  +
Barrier Shattering Technique +Chakra Transfer Technique  +
Bat Controlling: Ultrasonic Mind Waves +Bat Controlling  +
Beast Human Clone +Transformation Technique  +
Beast Tearing Gale Palm +Beast Tearing Palm  +
Beast-Human Fury Kicks +Tenrō-Style Ninjutsu: Beast-Human Transformation Technique  +
Beast-Human Needle Senbon +Tenrō-Style Ninjutsu: Beast-Human Transformation Technique  +
Beheading Prison Chop +Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop  +
Big Ball Rasengan +Rasengan  +
Big Ball Rasengan: Rising Attack +Big Ball Rasengan  +, Shadow Clone Elite Bullet  +
Big Ball Rasenshuriken +Sage Mode  +, Wind Release: Rasenshuriken  +
Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres +Multiple Shadow Clone Technique  +, Big Ball Rasengan  +, Spiralling Serial Spheres  +
Big Ball Spiralling Serial Zone Spheres +Big Ball Rasengan  +, Multiple Shadow Clone Technique  +
Big Ball: Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken +Six Paths Sage Mode  +, Tailed Beast Ball  +, Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken  +,
Biguro +Earth Grudge Fear  +
Binding Smoke Prison +Multiple Smoke Clone  +
Binding Snake Glare Spell +Summoning Technique  +
Black Dream +Tsukuyomi  +
Black Passing Secret Fang Technique Machine One Shot +Passing Fang  +, Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot  +
Black Secret Technique Flame Filling Flower +Puppet Technique  +
Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot +Puppet Technique  +
Black Secret Technique Machine Two Shot +Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot  +
Black Secret Technique Manipulated Flame Scorpion Play +Puppet Technique  +
Black Secret Technique Revolving Flame Arson +Puppet Technique  +
Black Secret Technique — Machine Triple Shot +Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot  +

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