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This property lists the parents of a character or jutsu. This is a Page.

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100 Metre Punch +Chakra Enhanced Strength  +
100% Single Punch +Chakra Enhanced Strength  +
1000 Metre Punch +100 Metre Punch  +


A (Fourth Raikage) +A (Third Raikage)  +
Absolute: Fang Passing Fang +Fang Passing Fang  +
Absorption Soul Technique +Human Path  +
Shino Aburame +Shibi Aburame  +
Torune Aburame +Shikuro Aburame  +
Accelerated Armed Revolving Heaven +Unsealing Technique  +, Front Lotus: Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven  +, Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm  +
Acid Permeation +Soap Bubble Ninjutsu  +
Adamantine Power: Acala +Chakra Enhanced Strength  +
Adamantine Prison Wall +Transformation: Adamantine Staff  +
Adamantine Technique: Cranium Crusher +Transformation: Adamantine Staff  +
Afterimage Clone +Body Flicker Technique  +
Agonizing Thorn Technique (Simply Put a Kanchō) +Skewering Headbutt (Me)  +, Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique  +
Air Raid Shot +Puppet Technique  +
Akane +Akane's Father  +
Chōchō Akimichi +Chōji Akimichi  +, Karui  +
Chōji Akimichi +Chōza Akimichi  +, Chōji's Mother  +
All Directions Shuriken +Multiple Shadow Clone Technique  +
Allied Shinobi Forces Technique +Hiding in Mist Technique  +, Insect Jamming Technique  +, Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar  +,
Taisa Amagiri +Gensui Amagiri  +
Amaterasu: Dual Layer +Amaterasu  +, Susanoo  +, Yasaka Magatama  +,
Amaterasu: Flame Wrapping Fire +Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi  +, Susanoo  +
Amaterasu: Lingering Fire +Blaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi  +
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