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This property lists a Ninja Rank a character has attained. This is of type Page.

The possible ranks are:

  • Academy Student
  • Genin
  • Chūnin
  • Tokubetsu Jōnin
  • Jōnin
  • Kage
  • Head Ninja
  • Anbu
  • Chūbu

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A (First Raikage) +Kage  +
A (Second Raikage) +Kage  +
A (Third Raikage) +Kage  +
A (Fourth Raikage) +Kage  +
Abiru +Academy Student  +
Muta Aburame +Tokubetsu Jōnin  +
Shibi Aburame +Jōnin  +
Shino Aburame +Genin  +, Chūnin  +
Tatsuma Aburame +Anbu  +
Torune Aburame +Anbu  +
Yōji Aburame +Anbu  +
Agara +Chūnin  +
Ajisai +Chūnin  +, Genin  +

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