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A String type semantic property listing if any maintenance (missing an image, etc...) on the page is necessary. See Narutopedia:Maintenance for more detailed listing.

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Amputation Punishment +Missing image  +
An Eternal Battle…!! +Missing image  +
An Existence of Falsehoods…!! +Missing image  +
An Immortal Army!! +Missing image  +
An Unexpected Kinjutsu!! +Missing image  +
Anātman +Missing image  +
Anbu Commander +Name  +
Bird-Masked Anbu Member +Name  +
Boar-Masked Anbu Member +Name  +
Eagle-Masked Anbu Member +Name  +
Fox-Masked Anbu Member +Name  +
Tiger-Masked Anbu Member +Name  +
And That's Why You're Disqualified!! +Missing image  +
Aniki +Name  +
Animal Cursed Seal +Name  +
First Animal Path (character) +Name  +
Annihilation +Missing image  +
Approaching…!! +Missing image  +
Arm of Shukaku +Missing image  +
Arm-mounted Drill +Missing image  +, Name  +
Armageddon Countdown Clock +Name  +
Arrival +Missing image  +
Arrival at the Main Battlefield!! +Missing image  +
Art (jutsu) +Missing image  +
As Kazekage…!! +Missing image  +
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