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A String type semantic property listing if any maintenance (missing an image, etc...) on the page is necessary. See Narutopedia:Maintenance for more detailed listing.

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A Bird in a Cage…!! +Missing image  +
A Clan Possessed by Evil +Missing image  +
A Dangerous Bridge +Missing image  +
A Dreadful Visitor!! +Missing image  +
A New Seal!! +Missing image  +
A New Three-Way Deadlock +Missing image  +
A New Wind +Missing image  +
A Plot Leading to Victory…?! +Missing image  +
A Promise That Doesn't Need Words +Stub  +
A Secret Plan…!! +Missing image  +
A Shinobi's Dream…!! +Missing image  +
A Shinobi's Will +Missing image  +
A Suspension Bridge to Peace +Missing image  +
Absolutely +Missing image  +
Shikuro Aburame +Missing image  +
Acidic Sludge +Name  +
Adamantine Attacking Chains +Name  +
Adamantine Technique: Cranium Crusher +Missing image  +
Affinities…!! +Missing image  +
Afterglow +Missing image  +
Agonizing Thorn Technique (Simply Put a Kanchō) +Missing image  +
Ahō Bird +Name  +
Air Raid Shot +Missing image  +, Kanji  +
Akane (kunoichi) +Missing image  +, Stub  +
Akane's Father +Name  +
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