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A String type semantic property listing if any maintenance (missing an image, etc...) on the page is necessary. See Narutopedia:Maintenance for more detailed listing.

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Arrival at the Main Battlefield!! +Missing image  +
Art (jutsu) +Missing image  +
As Kazekage…!! +Missing image  +
Assault…!! +Missing image  +
Assimilation: Red Poisonous Smokescreen +Name  +
Asura Path (character) +Name  +
At Last…!! +Missing image  +
At the Northern Hideout +Missing image  +
Attack +Missing image  +
Attack of the Conference Room! +Missing image  +
Avalanche Dance +Missing image  +
Awakening…!! +Missing image  +


Ball of Light Technique +Name  +
Bando's Chakra Armour +Name  +
Team Bandō +Name  +
Banshō Kokuin +Missing image  +
Baraki +Missing image  +
Barrier Method Formation — Triple Formula +Missing image  +
Barrier Puppets +Missing image  +
Barrier Shatter Technique +Name  +
Barrier Tag +Name  +
Barrier: Reclose Technique +Name  +
Bat Controlling: Ultrasonic Mind Waves +Name  +
Battle of the Death inside the Water Prison!! +Missing image  +
Beast Sealing Technique +Name  +
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