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This property lists the Japanese (Kanji) name of something. This is a String.

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Akatsuki's Invasion +“暁”侵攻  +
Akimichi Clan +秋道一族  +
Alive +生きている  +
All-Out War…!! +全面戦争!!  +
Allied Mothers Force +母連合軍  +
Allied Shinobi Forces +忍連合軍  +
Allied Shinobi Forces Technique!! +忍連合軍の術!!  +
Amagiri Clan +天霧一族  +
Amaterasu! +天照  +
Amidst Despair… +絶望の中に…  +
An A-Rank Mission: The Contest +A級任務・御膳試合  +
An Eternal Battle…!! +永遠なる闘い…!!  +
An Existence of Falsehoods…!! +偽りの存在…!!  +
An Immortal Army!! +不死身軍団!!  +
An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart +波紋  +
An Invitation from the Sound +音の誘い  +
An Old Nemesis Returns +宿敵との再会  +
An Opening +突破口  +
An Uchiha Anbu +暗部のうちは  +
An Unexpected Kinjutsu!! +まさかの禁術!!  +
An Unfulfilled Dream +叶わぬ夢  +
An Unnecessary Addition +画蛇添足  +
An Unrivaled Match: Hokage Battle Royale! +古今無双!『火影』というレベルの戦い  +
And That's Why You're Disqualified!! +だから不合格だってんだ!!  +
Animal District +アニマル番外地  +
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