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This property tags an image with a Jutsu. This is a Page.

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Chō Garōga.png +Super Fang Wolf Fang  +, Summoning: Triple Rashōmon  +
Chōdan Kōro.png +Leaping Bullet Shell Tower  +
Chōji stops Jirōbō.png +Sound Four's Cursed Seals  +, Butterfly Chōji Mode  +
Chōji vs Dosu.png +Resonating Echo Drill  +
Chōjō Kebutsu.png +Top Transformed Buddha  +, Susanoo  +
Chōmei's Bijūdama.png +Tailed Beast Ball  +
Chōōdama Rasengan.png +Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan  +
Claw Creation Technique.png +Claw Creation Technique  +, Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation  +
Clay Bomb1.png +C1  +, Explosive Clay  +, Puppet Technique  +
Clematis Flower.png +Dance of the Clematis: Flower  +
Cliff Climbing Practice.png +Cliff Climbing Practice  +
Cloth Dome.png +Protective Cloth Dome  +
Cloth binding technique.png +Cloth Binding Technique  +
Coercion sharingan.png +Coercion Sharingan  +
Combined Bijudama.png +Tailed Beast Ball  +
Combined Kage summoning.png +Summoning Technique  +
Combined Transformation.png +Combination Transformation  +
Combo Shinra Tensei.png +Combo Attack: Shinra Tensei  +
Combo Shinra Tensei2.png +Combo Attack: Shinra Tensei  +
Connecting Punches.png +Multiple Connected Fists  +
Contact Explosion.png +Water Release: Bubbles Technique  +, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode  +
Continuous TBB Rasenshuriken effect.png +Multiple Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken  +, Chibaku Tensei  +
Continuous Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken.png +Multiple Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken  +, Jinchūriki Forms  +
Coralripples.png +Coral Ripples Rising  +
Creation Rebirth.png +Creation Rebirth  +
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