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This property tags an image with a Jutsu. This is a Page.

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"The Legacy!".png +One's Own Life Reincarnation  +


10-Hit Combo2.jpg +10 Hit Combo  +
1000 years of death.png +One Thousand Years of Death  +


3 tails.PNG +C1  +


7 Coloured Rasengan.png +Seven-Coloured Rasengan  +


8 Gates Assault.png +Last Resort: Eight Gates Crumbling Attack  +
8 Trigrams 64 Palms.PNG +Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms  +, Water Clone Technique  +
8 Trigrams Lion Fist.png +Eight Trigrams Lion Palm  +


A Attacks Madara.png +Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique  +, Susanoo  +, Lightning Release Chakra Mode  +
A Meeting With Destiny.png +Shapeshifting Technique  +, Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave  +
A and Tsunade appear.png +Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation  +
A attacks Minato.png +Lightning Straight  +
A dodges Amaterasu.png +Amaterasu  +, Body Flicker Technique  +, Lightning Release Chakra Mode  +
A vs Eight-Tails.png +Lightning Release Chakra Mode  +
Absolute Fang Over Fang.png +Fang Passing Fang  +
Absolute Inscription.png +Severed Inscription  +
Absorption Soul Technique.png +Absorption Soul Technique  +, Six Paths of Pain  +
Aburame vs Konan.png +Dance of the Shikigami  +
Accelerated Armed Revolving Heaven.png +Accelerated Armed Revolving Heaven  +
Accelerated Regeneration Technique 1.PNG +Ultra-Fast Regeneration Technique  +
Acid Flower.PNG +Acid Permeation  +, Soap Bubble Ninjutsu  +
Acid Scattering.png +Wisdom Wolf Decay  +, Blocking Technique Absorption Seal  +, Preta Path  +,
Acid Spray.png +Wisdom Wolf Decay  +
Acidic Sludge.png +Acidic Sludge  +
Acrobat.PNG +Acrobat  +
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