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This property has the type String. This property should be empty, if it is not then Template:Infobox icon is wasting server resources to check if a page exists when it does, and the template should be updated to reflect so.

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Tatsuma Aburame +Root Symbol.svg  +
Torune Aburame +Root Symbol.svg  +
Yoroi Akadō +Land of the Sea Symbol.svg  +
Akio +Land of Forests Symbol.svg  +
Allied Shinobi Forces +Land of Iron Symbol.svg  +
Amachi +Land of the Sea Symbol.svg  +
Boar-Masked Anbu Member +Root Symbol.svg  +
Aoda +Ryūchi Cave Symbol.svg  +
Sandayū Asama +Land of Snow Symbol.svg  +


Bandō +Benisu Island Symbol.svg  +
Team Bandō +Benisu Island Symbol.svg  +


Chichiatsu +Land of Swamps Symbol.svg  +
Chikara +Land of Noodles Symbol.svg  +
Chishima +Land of Birds Symbol.svg  +
Chiyomatsu +Land of Iron Symbol.svg  +
Cursed Warrior +Land of Birds Symbol.svg  +


Claw Daimyō +Land of Claws Symbol.svg  +
Fang Daimyō +Land of Fangs Symbol.svg  +
Frost Daimyō +Land of Frost Symbol.svg  +
Hot Water Daimyō +Land of Hot Water Symbol.svg  +
Lightning Daimyō +Land of Lightning Symbol.svg  +
Dajimu +Root Symbol.svg  +


Fifth Division +Land of Iron Symbol.svg  +
Fuku +Land of Noodles Symbol.svg  +


Gang of Four +Land of Demons Symbol.svg  +
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