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"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

This is the page of special property Has type. It lists all properties using this special property. See the help page Special property Has type for further information.

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Age +Number  +
Anime +  +
Anime Arc number +Number  +
Appears in +  +
Arc +Page  +
Arc media +Page  +
Arc number +Number  +
Artbook number +Number  +
Birthdate +  +
Blood type +  +
Chakra Nature +Page  +
Chapter number +Number  +
Character in image +Page  +
Clan +Page  +
Clan Media Only +  +
Classification +  +
Contract +Page  +
Country Status +  +
Databook number +Number  +
Debut anime +Number  +
Debut game +Page  +
Debut manga +Number  +
Debut manga type +  +
Debut movie +Page  +
Debut novel +Page  +

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